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AT 4 Familiarization

Description, Technical Data and Components of the AT-4

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Weapons Familiarization

M136 (M287) AT4

Rocket Launcher

Ref: FM 3-23.25





Anti-armor weapon



Rocket-type cartridge


Fire from right shoulder only

Employed in limited visibility

Technical Data


Length 40 inches

Weight 14.8 pounds


Caliber 84mm

Length 18 inches

Weight 4 pounds

Maximum Range

2,100m (6,890 ft)

Maximum Effective Range

300m (985 ft)


Fire-through muzzle cover

Front sight

Color-coded band

Forward safety

Rear sight

Red trigger button

Cocking lever

Shoulder stop

Transport safety pin

Rear seal

Venturi (inside)

Carrying sling


Round ammo

Integral rocket type cartridge

Cartridge consist of:

Fin assembly with tracer element



Piezoelectric fuse

Warhead body with liner

Precision shaped explosive charge

Ammunition cont’

Excellent penetration ability

Lethal after-armor effects

Extremely destructive

Penetrates more than 14 inches of armor


Black with yellow – HE anti-armor round

Gold or yellow – field handling trainer

No band – M287 9mm tracer bullet trainer


M136 is issued as a round of ammunition rather than as a weapon

Should be inspected at the time of issue and before use

Inspection cont’

Rear seal is in place and undamaged

Transport safety pin is in place and fully inserted

Cocking lever is present and in the SAFE position

Plastic fire-through muzzle cover is in place and undamaged

Launcher has the correct color-coded band

Sights function properly

Forward safety does not move when you depress it

Red trigger button is not missing

Launcher body has no cracks, dents, or bulges

Carrying sling is not frayed and is attached firmly to the launch tube

Shoulder stop is not broken or damaged, and it unsnaps and folds down

Operation and Function

Mechanism is mechanical

Consist of:

Red trigger button

Enclosed firing rod and spring

Three safety devices

Transport safety pin

Cocking lever

Forward safety

Operation and Function cont’

The weapon cannot be fired until all three safeties have been disengaged

Transport safety pin – blocks the firing pin from striking the cartridge percussion cap

Cocking lever – attached to the firing rod, is in the SAFE position, the firing rod and the trigger cannot touch

Forward safety – blocks the firing rod from striking the firing pin

Operation and Function cont’

Remove AT4 from its carrying position and cradle it in your left arm

Pull and release the transport safety pin

Unsnap, unfold, and hold the shoulder stop

Place the launcher on your right shoulder and stabilized it by grasping the sling near the launcher’s muzzle

Open the sights

Set rear sight for the correct range to the target

Check back-blast area before cock the launcher, unfold the cocking lever

Hold the forward safety down while you fire

Restoration to
Carrying Configuration

If the launcher is prepared to fire, but then is not fire:

Release the forward safety

Push forward and to left on the cocking lever

Move the launcher from shoulder, ensuring muzzle is pointed in the direction of fire

With the launcher cradled, replace the transport safety pin until it is fully seated in the retainer hole

Lay down the sights and close their covers

Snap the shoulder stop into the closed position

Sling the launcher and move to another location

AT4 Subcaliber Tracer Trainer

M287 is used in place on the AT4 in training

Uses the 9mm (M939) training practice tracer cartridge

The velocity and trajectory match that the AT4’s HEAT cartridge

M287 produces less:




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