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When My Granny (Revised)

When my granny was 91
She got a new job running guns

When my granny was 92
She got covered with tattoos

When my granny was 93
She drank tea with some Hennessey

When my granny was 94
She robbed the local liquor store

When my granny was 95
She robbed a gun store with 2 knives

When my granny was 96
She beat me down with her walking sticks

When my granny was 97
She beat up a cop and became a legend

When my granny was 98
She put her husband in a crate

When my granny was 99
She finally got caught now she’d doing time

Now my granny’s a 110
Still causing trouble in the state pen

The warden said, “can’t we be friends?”
She slapped him with her old Depends.

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