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In The Early Morning Rain #2

In the early morning rain
Friends all thought I was insane
Signed up to lend a hand
Gonna be a fightin man
Say goodbye to my girl
All I had in this world
Somewhere someones in need
All they want is to be free

C-130 on the line
Headin out just one more time
As we all begin to go
To the battle far below
Hit the ground look up to see
Theres a sniper in the tree
Fired off that fatal round
Watch as he comes fallin down

My position overrun
No more bullets for my gun
Pass the word I aint done yet
As I grab my bayonet
Now I law me down to rest
With a bullet in my chest
Tell em all I felt no pain
In the early morning rain

Tell my one and only son
Theres still battles to be won
Always hold your head up high
As a soldier passes by

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