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I Left My Home

Your mother was home when you left *your right!
Your father was home when you left *your right!
your sister was home when you left *your right!
your brother was home when you left *your right!

your mother, your father, your sister, your brother,
the dog, the cat, the fish, the rat, your aunt, your uncle, and both of your cousins, your papa, your granny, the maid, the nanny, they all was home when you left *your right!
And thats the reason you left* your right!

I left my hoooome /for the army/
I left my hoooome/ for the army/
the day I leeeeft/my mama criiied/
she thought that IIII/was gonna diiie/
I left my wiiife/ standin at the dooooor/
she thought that IIIIII/would die at waaaar/
I left my soooooon/ playin in the yaaard/
to see his daddy leeaave/ made him cry so haaaard/
the day I leeeeft/I shook my daddy’s haaand/
He said that IIIIII/ had become a maaaaan/
oowie oowiiieeeee/ oowiie owieeeeeeeee/
oowie oowieeeeeee/ oowie owieeeeeeeeeeeeee/

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