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Hard Work

(At the end of each line, Platoon simply calls back Hard Work Work)

Hard work singin real hard work
Hard hard hard work
This job is ah real hard work
Gotta love hard work
So Cupid draw back your bow
And let your arrow go

Al Greene was a friend of mine
He liked ta sing it at a quick time
If Al Greene was here today
These are the words that he might say
“I can make your gray skies blue
Bring the rain if I want it to
Build a castle on a grain of sand
Sail a ship on dry land”

Michael Jackson came to town
Coca cola turned him down
Pepsi cola burned him up
Now he’s drinkin 7-Up

James Brown was a friend of mine
Liked to dance at a quick time
If The Godfather was here today
This is what, a what he’d say
(Insert best James Brown impression here)

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