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ASG For The Childs

"Few things in life are harder on a person than looking
into the eyes of a child whose mother or father has recently made the
ultimate sacrifice."


ASG For the Child
was started with the intent of allowing the website to be
able to make anonymous donations of money or goods to the children of Soldiers
that have made the ultimate sacrifice in support of the Global War on Terror. 
We started the ASG For the Child Program after

our first mission with the Patriot Guard Riders
when it occurred to us that we were not doing nearly enough to support the
families, specifically the children, of fallen Soldiers.

We are not requesting
money to be donated
 When possible, we will post information
about the children of fallen Soldiers and you can make a donation if you choose
to, but we are not soliciting money for donations so please do not ask us how
you can send us money.

The donations we make may include money added
to accounts that are set up by relatives to support future medical and education
costs and also gift certificates for clothing, toys and other goods based on the
ages of the children affected by the loss. 

If you know of a child or children of a Fallen
Soldier, please contact
so that we can attempt to gather further
information about how our donation can be properly made.  We will only make
donations if we are 100% positive that the donation is going to the intended
child or children.  We cannot donate to every child, but will do our best.

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