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Terminal Leave? Changed your mind about reenlistment?

Terminal Leave? Second thoughts about ETSing? You can still reenlist.

Did you know …

Soldiers that begin Transitional Leave (aka Terminal Leave) and decide that the grass isn’t as green as they once though can still reenlist up to the day of their ETS.

Regulatory Guidance:
AR 601-820, Chapter 4, paragraph 4-2. Restrictions:
f. A soldier in a transitional leave status awaiting ETS who changes his or her mind and desires reenlistment, may take the actions listed below.
(1) Soldiers last assigned to a CONUS installation are ineligible, but may return to that installation and apply for reenlistment as an exception to policy.
(2) Soldiers who departed an overseas command for the purpose of ETS are ineligible, but may return to the transition point where their records are located and apply for reenlistment under paragraph g below.

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