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Vehicle Driver

Developmental counseling statement sample covering Vehicle Driver

Counseling Sample for:

Vehicle Driver

Possible Key Points To Discuss During Counseling:

  • Close out last quarter’s counseling (Assessment Section of DA Form 4856-e)
  • Comment on the successful completion of last quarter’s goals
  • Discuss new ways to achieve the goals not accomplished from last quarter
  • Outline new goals for the next quarter
  • PMCS (B, D, A, W, M per -10) using 5988-e
  • Monthly BII Inventory
  • Defered Maintenance Status
  • Safety (Cold Weather Operations, Ground Guide)
  • Assist the mechanic during -20 maintenance
  • Vehicle services
  • Prep vehicle for field exercise
  • Radio operation and maintenance
  • Drip pan and chalk block
  • Physical fitness
  • Personal hygiene and appearance
  • Military bearing
  • Army values

Possible Plans of Action:

  • You had an excellent record during this last quarter. You vehicle didn’t break down at all.
  • Need to follow-up on the incoming parts identified on the 5988-e and ensure that all deficiencies are recorded each time.
  • Need to order new tires for the HMMWV
  • I keep forgetting to do the “During” PMCS. I will make a note for myself to always do the “During” PMCS
  • Assist the mechanic during vehicle services
  • Review load plan and make modification if necessary
  • Attend the next monthly battalion’s SINCGAR class
  • Do the maintenance on the radio at the same time as the vehicle
  • Mark the drip pan with the vehicle bumper number and ensure it and the chalk block is put in place when the vehicle is parked while in garrison
  • Always use ground guides when backing up and while driving through an operations or sleeping area in the field
  • Work out in the gym for 45 minutes three evenings a week to increase APFT from 245 to 260.
  • Learn and live by the Army values

Possible Leader Responsibilities:

  • Accompany and supervise during PMCS and Vehicle Services
  • Follow up on the order for new tires
  • Check up on the during PMCS to ensure it is being done
  • Verify load plan
  • Enroll the soldier into next month’s SINCGAR class
  • Check the motor pool to ensure the drip pan and chalk block is in place
  • Accompany the soldier after duty hours to the gym whenever possible to encourage the soldier for APFT improvement
  • Set the example by living the Army values
  • Track/Submit for Drivers Badge Status

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