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General (Not Branch Specific) / Monthly Performance

Developmental counseling statement sample covering General (Not Branch Specific) / Monthly Performance

Counseling Sample For:

General (Not Branch Specific) / Monthly Performance

Possible Key Points To Discuss During Counseling:

I am taking this opportunity to counsel you on your duty performance as a soldier in this section/unit, for the month of _________. I observed the following:

a. Demonstrates initiative on his/her own: _____
b. Adapts to changes with no problem: _____
c. Seeks improvement & accepts guidance: _____
d. Able to perform under pressure: _____
e. Display of good morals daily: _____
f. Display of good judgement/common sense: _____
g. Communicates effectively with co-workers: _____
h. Demonstrates military skills and knowledge: _____
i. Meets physical fitness standards: _____
j. Meets height & weight standards: _____
k. Loyal & trustworthy to others in unit: _____
l. Well disciplined & behaved: _____
m. Good military bearing & appearance: _____
n. Well respected & liked by others: _____
o. Supports chain-of-command in the unit: _____
p. Follows instructions & orders: _____
q. Off-duty conduct (blotter reports): _____
r. Dependable & on time: _____
s. Helpful to others and unit: _____
t. Care of individual equipment: _____
u. Potential for promotion & schools: _____

Grading system & letter codes:

EXCELLENT: Code E-well above peers.
GOOD: Code G-stands with the rest, average.
FAIR: Code F-should try to improve.
POOR: Code P-needs improvement.
BAD: Code B-requires formal counseling (DA Fm 4856)
UNK: Code U-unknown/not observed/not applicable.

Possible Plans of Action:

Improve in the following areas:

  • Able to perform under pressure
  • Care of individual equipment
  • Potential for promotion & schools

Possible Leader Responsibilities:

  • I will continue to mentor, guide, and assess your monthly performance with intent of helping you to maximize your abilities.