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Initial Counseling

Developmental counseling statement sample covering Initial Counseling

Counseling Sample For:

  • Initial Counseling
  • This is to inform soldier of expected performance standards,initiatives and professional growth matrix to include the following:
    1. UCMJ Actions
    2. Professional Military Appearance
    3. Meet Height/Weight Standards IAW AR 670-9
    4. Resolution of problems through Chain of Command
    5. Family Readiness and Support
    6. Promotions and Advancements
    7. MOS Skills Proficiency

Possible Key Points To Discuss During Counseling:

  • Soldier understands UCMJ and it’s application
  • Soldier is in compliance to military uniform appearance
  • Soldier meets Height/Weight requirements. Soldier past last APFT with 6 months.
  • Soldier is aware of chain of command
  • Soldier is MOSQ

Possible Plans of Action:

  • Education – start attending online course or classroom.
  • Training – mentor the three SPC’s for the Soldier of the month/NCO board
  • Improve personal PT score
  • Weapons qualifications
  • Write SOP’s for Operations/revise
  • Fix what is broke in order to make the section ran efficiently.

Possible Leader Responsibilities:

  • None Available

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