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Stand up in Base

Body Positioning Moves Basic Ground Fighting Techniques

Stand up in Base. This is the most basic technique. It allows the fighter to stand up in the presence of an enemy or potential enemy without compromising his base and thus making himself vulnerable to attack. The principles of body movement inherent in this technique make it so important that leaders should reinforce it every time a fighter stands up

(1) Step 1. The fighter assumes a seated posture resting on his strong side hand with his weak side arm resting comfortably on his bent knee. His feet should not be crossed.

Stand Up In Base, Step 1

(2) Step 2. Placing his weight on his strong side hand and weak side foot, the fighter picks up the rest of his body and swings his leg between his two posts, placing his foot behind his strong side hand. It is important that the knee should be behind the same side arm as shown.

Stand Up In Base, Step 2

(3) Step 3. After placing his weight on both feet, the fighter lifts his hand from the ground and assumes a fighter’s stance. He holds his hands high to protect his head and face. His fists are clenched, but relaxed. His elbows are close to his body, and his weight is evenly distributed on both feet, creating a stable base. He is light on his feet with his knees slightly flexed to allow quick movement in any direction.

The Fighter’s Stance

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