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Front Guillotine Choke

Finishing Moves Basic Ground Fighting Techniques

Front Guillotine Choke. Many times this technique may be used as a counter to the double leg takedown.

(1) Step 1. As the enemy shoots in toward the fighter’s legs, the fighter should ensure that the enemy’s head goes underneath one of his arms. The fighter wraps his arm around the enemy’s head and under his neck. The fighter’s palm should be facing his own chest.

Front guillotine choke, step 1.

(2) Step 2. With the other hand, the fighter grasps the first hand, ensuring that he has not reached around the enemy’s arm, and pulls upward with both hands.

Front guillotine choke, step 2.

(3) Step 3. He now sits down and places the enemy within his guard, and finishes the choke by pulling with his arms and pushing with his legs.

Front guillotine choke, step 3.

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