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Escape the Mount, Shrimp to the Guard

Body Positioning Moves Basic Ground Fighting Techniques

Escape the Mount, Shrimp to the Guard. This move also starts with the fighter on his back and the enemy mounted on his chest. While the fighter is attempting to escape the mount, trap, and roll, he may be unable to capture the enemy’s leg. This occurs when the enemy moves his leg away. This movement, however, creates an opening under the same leg. The term shrimp refers to the action of moving the hips away, which is crucial to the success of this technique.

(1) Step 1. The fighter turns on his side and faces toward the opening created by the enemy, ensuring that his leg is flat on the ground.

Escape the mount, shrimp to the guard, step 1.

(2) Step 2. The fighter now uses either his elbow or hand to hold the enemy’s leg in place and brings his knee through the opening.

Escape the mount, shrimp to the guard, step 2.

(3) Step 3. When his knee gets past the enemy’s leg, the fighter places his weight on the same leg and turn towards the other side. This action will bring his knee up and create enough space to pull the leg out and place it over the enemy’s leg.

Escape the mount, shrimp to the guard, step 3.

(4) Step 4. The fighter now uses his hands to hold the enemy’s other leg in place to repeat the actions from the first side.

Escape the mount, shrimp to the guard, step 4.

(5) Step 5. It is important that the fighter lock his feet together around the enemy, placing him in the open guard.

Escape the mount, shrimp to the guard, step 5.

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