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Escape the Half Guard

Body Positioning Moves Basic Ground Fighting Techniques

Escape the Half Guard. Frequently the enemy will wrap his legs around one of fighter’s from the bottom. This is called the half guard.

(1) Step 1. The fighter must prevent the enemy from either regaining the guard, or rolling him over. To do this, the fighter must assume a strong position. He should ensure that his elbow is against the side of the enemy’s neck, and he is blocking the enemy from placing his leg under him with his bottom knee.

Escape the half guard, step 1.

(2) Step 2. By moving first the toe and then the heel of the captured foot, the fighter “walks” it closer to the enemy’s buttocks.

Escape the half guard, step 2.

(3) Step 3. The fighter uses his free hand to push the enemy’s knee until the fighter’s knee is exposed, and then drives it over the enemy until it is on the ground.

Escape the half guard, step 3.

(4) Step 4. If the enemy attempts to push against the fighter’s knee with his hand, the fighter places his hand under the enemy’s arm at the bend in his elbow and pushes it upward towards his head.

Escape the half guard, step 4.

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