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Straight arm bar from the knee mount

Knee Mount Advanced Ground Fighting Techniques


When the enemy is defending well from side control, a good option is to go to the knee mount.

Attacks from the Knee Mount.

Straight Arm Bar from the Knee Mount.

(a) Step 1. If the enemy pushes up with his near side arm, grasp it at the elbow with your arm closest to the enemy’s head. Step over his head with the same side leg.

Straight arm bar from the knee mount, step 1

Straight arm bar from the knee mount, step 1 continued

(b) Step 2. Sit down as close to his shoulder as possible and lay back into the straight arm bar. You may need to twist slightly toward his legs because the change in your leg position allows him an opportunity to roll out of the technique. You do not need to bring your other leg across his body.

Straight arm bar from the knee mount, step 2

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