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Paper Cutter Choke

Attacks from the Mount Advanced Ground Fighting Techniques

After the mount has been achieved, there are many options on how to attack. The first is to throw punches into the enemy’s face and force him to turn over, giving up his back. If he does not turn over he will most likely give an opening, making the following attacks easier.

The most efficient way to incapacitate an enemy is to choke him into unconsciousness. An advantage of prioritizing chokes in training is that they can be applied in training exactly as applied in combat.

Paper Cutter Choke.

(a) Step 1. Start by opening the collar with the weak hand, as in the cross collar choke. With the strong hand grasp deep into the collar, inserting the thumb on the inside.

Paper cutter choke, step 1

(b) Step 2. Release the grip of the first hand and grasp the opposite side of the enemy’s jacket, pulling it tight against the back of his neck.

Paper cutter choke, step 2

(c) Step 3. Drive the elbow of the other hand across the enemy’s neck to complete the choke.

Paper cutter choke, step 3

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