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How to wear the Black Beret


Ensure the beret is the correct
size.  Soldiers should
typically wear berets the same
sizes as their BDU caps

2– Don the beret so that
the edge binding (headband) is one
inch above the eyebrows and fits
straight across the forehead. 
The beret should be form fitting
across the head.

3– Center the Flash and the
Stiffener above the left eye.

4– Pull the excess material
down to the right side so that it
touches the right ear but does not
extend below the middle of the

5– Tighten or loosen the
adjusting ribbon for a secure fit.

6– Tie the adjusting ribbon
into a non-slip knot and cut off
the ends.

7– Tuck the ribbon knot
inside the edge binding at the
back of the beret.

may not be packed into the beret,
nor should it extend below the
bottom edge of the front of the
headgear or below the bottom edge
of the back collar.

**All headgear must be carried
when not worn.  It may not be
hung from the belt or stored
inside uniform pockets.


With Care:
of grooming or preparing the beret
for wear that are not advised by
the manufaturer cannot be outlined
in AR 670-1, "Wear And
Appearance Of Army Uniforms And
Insignia."  the
manufacturer recommends dry
cleaning only.
Since soldiers will not be
reimbursed or reissued berets for
damages caused by unauthorized
preparation methods, soldiers
should be careful if choosing such
methods such as shaping or shaving
the beret.  These suggestions
are provided by the XVIII Airborne
Corps and are based on years’ of
soldiers experience wearing the

  • Be
    cautious about wetting,
    soaking and freezing the
    beret, because the flash may
    become distorted and the
    colors may bleed or fade.

  • Do
    not use warm water to wet the
    beret because it could shrink.

  • Use
    a lint or soft bristle brush
    to remove the lint.  Use
    of a razor may cut through the

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