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Climbing Pods

the setup, specification and required materials for the Climbing pods (Climbing Bars)

Climbing Bars

Climbing Bar Specificatons

The specifications for the climbing bars are as follows:

  • The posts (5) are 6″ x 6″ x 12′ and sunk 3 feet into the ground.
  • The bars (2) are threaded water pipe, 1.5 inch outside diameter, 12 feet long with 1-inch end caps (4).
  • The bars are throught the 6x6s at 7.5 and 8 feet above the ground.
  • The distance from inside post edge to inside post edge is approximately 62 inches (refer to Figure D-2). This is to allow enough bar space to conduct all exercises safely.
  • The step-ups (16 inches long) are cut from 4″ x 4″ x 8′ posts and secured to the 6x6s with 3 inch screws that are counter sunk.
  • The step-ups on the outside 6×6 posts are 18 inches from the ground, the step-ups on the inside post are 24 inches above the ground.



The following planning considerations apply:

  • Climbing bars provide adequate space and facilitate better command and control than traditional pull-up bars. Traditional pull-up bars are too narrow to safely and efficiently conduct the climbing drills.
  • Employment of multiple climbing bar “pods” as shown in Figure D-4 will allow for efficient mass training. The climbing drills require one bar for every three soldiers when performed as a single activity.
  • The total ground surface area for four pods is only 625 square feet.
  • Four pods will accommodate 16 stations x 3 soldiers per station for a total of 48 soldiers.
  • Additional free-standing pods should be constructed to accommodate more soldiers.

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