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How many spring-loaded fins are attached to the M72A2/A3 LAW?
What is the muzzle velocity of the M72A2 and M72A3?
475 fps
Describe the M72A2/A3 LAW
The M72A2/A3 LAW is a lightweight, self-contained, anti-armor weapon consisting of a rocket packed in a launcher . It is man-portable, may be fired from either shoulder.
What is the length of the Launcher of the M72A2 and the M72A3?
  • Closed- 24.8 inches
  • Fully extended- 34.67 inches
About the Rocket in the M72A2 and the M72A3, how long is it and how much does it weigh?
  • Length- 20 inches
  • Weight- 2.2 lbs
What FM covers the use of the M72 LAW?
FM 3-23.25 Chapter 5
What is the Minimum range of the M72A2 and the M72A3 in a combat environment?
10 meters
What is the Maximum Range of the M72A2 and the M72A3?
What is the Maximum Effective range of the M72A2 and the M72A3?
  • Stationary target- 200 meters
  • Moving Target- 165 meters
Because the M72-series LAW is issued as a round of ammunition rather than as a weapon, inspection is limited to a visual examination of the sealed unit. How do you inspect the M72 series LAW?
  • Check the body for dents, cracks, or bulges
  • Check the rubber boots covering the trigger bar and barrel detent for
  • Ensure the arming handle is present and on SAFE and that the pull
  • Check the data plate for the phrase, W/COUPLER.
What is the first thing that you should do before engaging a target with the LAW?
Determin range
What kind of projectile is fired form the LAW?
A 66 mm high explosive, antitank (HEAT), percussion ignited, fin-stabilized, fixed munitions rocket.
What is the first step in preparing the LAW for use?
Inspect its overall condition
What is the weight of a complete M72A2?
5.1   lbs
What is the weight of a complete M72A3?
1.5 lbs
If you have a misfire with the M72A2/A3 LAW, what should you do?
Combat Environment:
  • Squeeze the trigger again immediately.
  • If the launcher still fails to fire, place the trigger arming handle on SAFE.
  • Partly collapse the launcher, than extend it to cock it again.
  • Place it on your shoulder, check the back blast area again, and then arm, aim, and fire the launcher.
  • If the LAW still fails to fire, squeeze the trigger again and return the trigger arming handle to
  • SAFE. Collapse the launcher, set it aside, and try another one. As soon as possible, dispose of the misfired LAW IAW unit SOP.

Training Environment:
  • Squeeze the trigger again.
  • If the launcher still fails to fire, keep the launcher on your shoulder, announce “Misfire,” and wait 10 seconds. Place the trigger arming handle on SAFE.
  • Move the launcher from your shoulder and wait one minute.
  • Extend the launcher to cock it again, check the back blast area, place the launcher back on your shoulder, pull the arming handle to the ARM position, aim, and squeeze the trigger bar.
  • If the launcher again fails to fire, wait 10 seconds before returning the trigger arming handle to the SAFE position.
  • Keep the launcher trained on the target area at least one minute; DO NOT collapse the launcher.
  • Move the launcher to a safe area and dispose of it IAW unit SOP.

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