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Loading and Unloading the M203

How to load and unload the M203 Grenade Launcher
Loading the M203 Grenade
To load the weapon, the
grenadier must first press the barrel latch and slide the barrel forward.
Once the barrel is in the forward position, the grenadier places the weapon
on SAFE and visually inspects the barrel to ensure it is clear. Then he
inserts clean, dry, undented ammunition into the chamber and slides the
barrel rearward until it locks with an audible click.




Unloading the M203 Grenade
To unload the grenade
launcher, the grenadier must first depress the barrel latch and move the
barrel forward. The cartridge case or round should automatically eject. If
the case is stuck, he taps it with a cleaning rod to remove it (Figure 2-2).
He places the weapon on SAFE, then slides the barrel rearward, locking it to
the breech.

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