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Methods of fire for the M18A1 Claymore

Created by: Team Quinstreet
Posted : Monday January 01, 1900

The M18A1 mine can be employed in either the controlled or uncontrolled role.

Controlled Role. The mine is detonated by the operator as the forward edge of the enemy approaches a point within the killing zone (20 to 30 meters) where maximum casualties can be inflicted. Controlled detonation may be accomplished by use of either an electrical or nonelectrical firing system. When mines are employed in the controlled role, they are treated the same as individual weapons and are reported for inclusion in the unit fire plan. They are not reported as mines; however, the emplacing unit must insure that the mines are either removed, detonated, or turned over to a relieving unit.

Uncontrolled Role. Uncontrolled firing is accomplished when the mine is installed in such a manner as to cause an unsuspecting enemy to detonate the mine. Mines employed in this manner must be reported and recorded as land mines.