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Once done installing the M18A1, how far behind the mine should the wire be secured?
1 meter
Describe the M18A1
A curved, rectangular-shaped weapon, with an olive drab molded case of fiberglass filled polystyrene (plastic). In the front portion of the case is a fragmentation face containing steel spheres embedded in a plastic matrix. The back portion of the case behind the matrix contains a layer of explosives.
What is the M18A1 primarily used for?
It was designed for use against mass infantry attacks
What is the first step in installing the M18A1?
Inspect the components
How much does the M18A1 weigh?
3.5   lbs
What color is a "training" M18A1?
How long is the wire that the M4 blasting cap is connected to?
100 ft
Name the components that are in the bandoleer of the M18A1
The M7bandoleer has two pockets.  One pocketcontain the mine and the other contains:
  • M40 test set
  • M57 firing device
  • M4 Electric Blasting cap Assembly
  • Instructions
Where will you find the instructions for the employment of the M18A1?
Under the flap of the bandoleer
What color is a "live" M18A1?
What is the effective frontal range of the M18A1?
When detonated, the M18A1 mine will deliver spherical steel fragments over a 60°fan-shaped pattern that is 2 meters high and 50 meters wide at a range of 50meters
Who keeps the M57 firing device while the M18A1 is being installed?
The individual installing the mine
What Field Manual covers the M18A1?
FM 23-23
What are the two sites used on the M18A1 to aim it?
Knife-edge and slit-type peep sights
When aiming the M18A1 using the slit-type peepsight, how far above the ground do you aim?
2 and 1/2meters above the ground
When aiming the M18A1 using the knife edge sight, how far above the ground do you aim?
You aim at ground level
What type of explosive is used in the M18A1?
1.5   lbs composition C4 (plastic explosive)
One M40 test set is included with how may M18A1 claymores?
1 in each case of 6
What is the killing zone of the M18A1?
About 20 to 30 meters
How far is the danger area to the rear of the M18A1?
16 meters ( The mine firing position should be in a foxhole or covered position at least 16 meters to the rear or the side of the emplaced mine.)

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