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When was the NCO support channel formally recognized?
20 December 1976
What is Sergeant's Business?
To train and lead soldiers
What is a Sergeant?
A leader
Explain the Chain of Command
The succession of commanders superior to subordinates through which command is exercised
Define Responsibility
Being accountable for what you do
How does the Chain of Command support the NCO support channel?
By legally punishing those who challenge a sergeant's authority
Define Duty.
Duty is a legal or moral obligation to do what should be done without being told to do it
What is the role of the CSM?
Senior Enlisted Advis or to the Battalion commander
How does a Commander exercise command?
Through subordinate commanders
When was the position of Sergeant Major of the Army established?
4 July 1966
Is the CSM in the Chain of Command?
No (but he supervises the NCO support channel)
What are key elements of command?
Authority and Responsibility
What is the NCO Support Channel?
It is the channel of communication that reinforces the Chain of Command
What must a Sergeant have in order to accomplish Sergeant's Business?
The Skill, ability and Leadership to train soldiers for combat and lead them into combat
Who is the only member of both your chain of command the your NCO support channel?
Your first line supervisor, section, squad or team leader

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