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Training and Time Management


The purpose of time management is to achieve and sustain technical and tactical competence and maintain training proficiency at an acceptable level. Time management systems identify, focus and protect prime time training periods and the resources to support the training. There are three periods in this time management cycle: green, amber and red.


The training focus of units in green periods is multiechelon; collective training that leads to METL proficiency. This period coincides with the availability of major training resources and key training facilities and devices. Organizations in Green periods conduct planned training without distraction and external taskings.


The focus of units in amber periods is on training proficiency at the platoon, squad and crew level. Individual self-development is maximized through the use of education centers and distributed learning. Organizations in Amber periods are assigned support taskings beyond the capability of those units in the Red period. Commanders must strive for minimal disruption to Amber units’ training programs.


The training focus of units in the Red periods is on maximizing selfdevelopment opportunities to improve leader and individual task proficiency. Units in the Red periods execute details and other administrative requirements and allow the maximum number of soldiers to take leave. Block leave is a technique that permits an entire unit to take leave for a designated period of time. Commanders maintain unit integrity when executing administrative and support requirements i.e. Squad, Team, Platoon integrity. This exercises the chain of command and provides individual training opportunities for first line leaders.

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