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Commander's Sexual Assault Victim Assistance Checklist

  • _____ Encourage the victim to report the incident and get a medical examination immediately (even if the incident occurred prior to the past 72 hours).
  • _____ Make appropriate administrative and logistical coordination for movement of victim to receive care. (Involve the minimum number of personnel possible and only on a need-to-know basis). [In Theater]
  • _____ Notify the Criminal Investigation Command and Provost Marshal (per AR 195-1, paragraph 6).
  • _____ Notify the Chaplain if the victim desires pastoral counseling or assistance.
  • _____ Report the sexual assault incident, within 24 hours of receipt, through the chain of command to the following, if entities have not been notified already notified:
    • _____ Criminal Investigation Command
    • _____ Installation Provost Marshal
    • _____ Commanders in the chain of command (as appropriate)
  • _____ Ensure the CID notifies victims and witnesses of their rights through a completed Victims and Witnesses of Crime form, DD Form 2701. (Reference AR 27-10 and AR 600-20, Appendix G).
  • _____ Confer with commander’s legal representative to consider legal options and responsibilities. If the subject is a Foreign National or from a Coalition Force, confer with SJA on responsibilities, options and victims rights. [In Theater]
  • _____ Ensure the victim is made aware of, and encouraged to exercise, their options during each phase of the medical, investigative, and legal processes.
  • _____ Determine the best courses of action for separating the victim and the subject during the investigation.
    • Determine whether the victim desires to be transferred to another unit.
    • Determine if the suspect needs/desires to be transferred to another unit.
    • A Military Protection Order (MPO) (DD Form 2873), referred to as “no contact orders” may be considered.
    • Coordinate with sexual assault resources and chain of command (involve as few people as possible and only on a need to know basis, protecting the victim’s privacy) to determine if the victim’s condition warrants redeployment/reassignment.
  • _____ Confer with servicing SJA office to consider pretrial options and responsibilities to include the possibility of pretrial restraint (including a no contact/military protective order) and appropriate disposition of the alleged offense.
  • _____ Flag (suspend favorable personnel actions) any Soldier listed as a subject in a CID report of investigation IAW AR 600-8-2, and suspend the Soldier’s security clearance IAW AR 380-67.
  • _____ Inform the victim of the resources in theater that are available to them through the Victim and Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) (AR 27-10). Also, inform the victim of resources that are accessible from the Area of Operation, (i.e. Military One Source (International: 1-800-464-8107 or International collect: 484-530-5889, 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week); DoD Deployment Health Support Hotline (1-800-497-6267 from 0900-2100 hours, Monday through Friday).
  • _____ Update the status of the victim and subject(s) within 14 calendar days and on a monthly basis thereafter, to the battalion or higher-level commander until the case is officially closed. If the victim or subject is transferred or redeployed prior to the case closing, coordinate with investigative and SJA personnel before ceasing monthly updates on parties involved.
  • _____ Initiate follow-up with the victim within 45 days after disposition of the case.
  • _____ Ensure unit personnel are abreast of risk factors associated with sexual assault, especially those risk factors unique to the deployed environment.

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