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Army Study Guide Twitter Tank Tag Contest Brings a Virtual Spin on a Real-Life Childhood Favorite; Offers Chance to Win UltraHD Video Flip Cam

Tag, you’re it with’s new Twitter Tag game! ArmyStudyGuide wants to put a new spin on a favorite pastime for all of our Military followers. Play along with @ArmyStudyGuide and your other Twitter friends for your chance to win one of five UltraHD Video Flip Cams. Lock and load!  

How to Enter:

  1. Follow @ArmyStudyGuide on Twitter
  2. Announce your entry into the contest by tagging a tweet, to @ArmyStudyGuide, which includes the game hash tag, #ASGTankTag as well as a link to any page on For example: “@ArmyStudyGuide Prepare for domination! #ASGTankTag.”
  3. Next, start a game of tag with your followers!  Send a similar tweet to anyone you follow.  That person has (1) one hour to respond in the same format.
  4. Tweets will continue to be sent between two people until one fails to respond within (1) one hour.  The last person to participate in the war will receive a point.
  5. On Friday, the Tweep with the most points for the week will be considered the winner of an UltraHD Video Flip Cam.

Sample War:

TwitterUser1:  @TwitterUser2 I just tagged you in #ASGTankTag from  What now?!

TwitterUser2:  @TwitterUser1 Not too fast man! #ASGTankTag

TwitterUser1:  @TwitterUser2 This means war! #ASGTankTag


There is no limit to how many games of tag a person can participate in at one time. However, Tweeps may only win once. All tweets must include a link to any page on as well as the #ASGTankTag hashtag to be considered eligible. 

A moderator for will monitor all of the entries and keep track of the points to be awarded. Winners will be announced on Fridays by 4pm (PST) via Twitter.  Winners will have (3) three days to accept their prize. 

Win a Flip Cam!
Contestants may enter themselves in the contest at any time throughout the week. The Tweep with the most points at the end of each week will be considered the winner. The contest will begin Monday, January 31 and run until Friday, March 11.   

For official contest rules, go here:  Official Rules

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