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Get your own Unit Study Guide

The free unit study guide program is temporarily on hold until we can get some constructive feedback from those that have alreay contacted us. If you have sent us an email about the free unit study guide, we will be sending out information shortly. If you arrived here looking for a free unit study guide, please stop back in the near future when we have the program available again. is ready to support your unit no matter what it takes. We are no offering a FREE online study guide specifically for your unit.

The study guide is similar to the free online study guide that we offer, but is limited; Study Guide Pages, Unit Information Pages and a Miscellaneous Pages section for all the ther board preparatory related pages.

The Unit Study Guide is hosted on our server, we keep the software updated, you simply provide one high-speed hooah to add your unit’s information into the study guide. The study guide will come pre-loaded with the most current study guide questions and answer, but it is up to your unit to maintain them after the site is up and running.

There are no banner ads or pop-up ads on the site. The site is labeled with your unit information and the predesigned template requires no maintenance on your end. All that is required is someone with a basic knowledge of the most common word procesing programs to be able to input the information.

Not only can you add your own pages, but you can also upload documents, images and other files to help preparing for the board easier.

If you are interested, please contact us. Upon receiving your request, we will confirm some basic information about your unit and the desired admin for the unit study guide. We will add the most recent study guide pages and send you the link to the unit study guide, the link to the admin section and also the username and password for the unit study guide admin.

This is a great way to provide a valuable resource to your Soldiers and it won’t cost you a penny.

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