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Volunteer to contribute useful content to

Volunteers are the backbone of the site. Because of the recent changes to the website, we now have the ability to designate writers, issue them an account and give them the ability to add content to the site.

If you are interested in contributing content to the website, send a private message to the Development Team at ADMIN

Once accepted and issued a username and password, the writer will be able to d the following:

  • Login to the content management system
  • Prepare content for submission to include the following:
    • Choosing a title
    • Adding the body of the article
    • Choosing in which section the article should be placed
    • Add keywords and a description of the article for use by search engines
    • Add the author’s name and email address if desired
    • Add images to the main body of the article and position them within paragraphs, left, right or center.
    • Submit the article / content for review.

Al content contributed becomes property of and we do not pay for content contributions. Think of this as submitting a suggeston via email, but you control the content added and have an important say about future categories added to the site.

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