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Since we moved to the new site design and new community platform, we have hosted several contests. Below you will find a brief description of the contest and or prize offer and the screen name (member name) from the community associated with the winner. All contests are in some way tied into the Community and the winners are contacted through private message on the community and also by email.


20060131 – For being randomly selected out of the site that have chosen to add a link to during the “link to contest”, (not announced yet) has won a 30 gig video iPod.

20060115 – For being randomly selected from a list of the top five posters and top five topic starters for the month of December, 2005, (not announced yet) has won a 30 gig video iPod.

20051209 – For the MRE recipe added to the community [here], RA Dargan won a “platinum spork”

20051206 – For the MRE recipe added to the community [here], swg2188 won a “platinum spork”

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