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410th MP Company

The 410th Military Police Company began its recorded history on the 20th of March 1942, as BRAVO Company, 720th Military Police Battalion in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. The 720th Military Police Battalion and its lettered Companies were organized and called into active service for the purpose of relieving the 175th Infantry at Papua, in the Pacific Theater.

Upon organization, BRAVO Company (410th Military Police Company) moved by train, with the 720th MP Battalion to Camp Stonezan, California. This move was in preparation for overseas movement, and the unit’s introduction into World War II (W.W.II).

On 24 July 1942 the Battalion set sail on the U.S.S. Mount Vernon. The Battalion arrived in Sydney, Australia on 20 August 1942 and subsequently moved to Brisbane, Australia. With the 720th Headquarters in Brisbane, the four lettered companies were dispersed with BRAVO Company (410th MP Co.) initially at Mt. Isa. Australia. While in Mt. Isa the soldiers of the 410th performed garrison duties to include, stockade duty and establishing outposts.

On 27 October 1942 BRAVO (410th MP Co.) departed Mt. Isa for duty in Townsville, Australia. On the 11 of November of that year one platoon from BRAVO moved by water to Portland Roads, Australia to guard supplies at a log base. The platoon returned to Townsville on 3 February 1943.

In April 1943 Sergeant Frederick A. Burness, of BRAVO Company (410th MP Co.) was detailed to escort prisoners to Port Moresby on the Island of New Guinea. On the 22d of April 1943 word was received that the aircraft Sergeant Burness was using for his mission went down. Sergeant Burness and all the prisoners perished. Sergeant Burness was the first soldier killed in the Pacific Theater during W.W.II, from the 720th Military Police Battalion, and from BRAVO Company (410th Military Police Company).

In November of 1943 BRAVO Company (410th MP Company) moved to Milne Bay, New Guinea to build a POW stockade. The final position of the stockade was outside of Milne Bay in an area called Alioma, New Guinea. By the start of April 1944 the strength of the BRAVO Company (410th MP Company) was 140 personnel.

On 2 July 1944 aboard the S.S. Norway the 410th MP Company again pulled pitch and went on to Finchhaven, New Guinea. The Company was located at Finchhaven for approximately 13 months when it moved along with the entire 720th MP Battalion to Japan.

In August 1945 BRAVO Company (410th Military Police Company) along with the 720th MP Battalion positioned itself in the city of Tokyo. They set up two sectors and began conducting Law and Order missions (L&O). In addition, BRAVO Company (410th MP Co) provided VIP security and details to the Military Tribunal in 1947. Due to a severe shortage of personnel in the year 1948, all lettered companies within the 720th Military Police Battalion were attached to BRAVO Company (410th MP Co) for command and control. By this time each company was down to approximately seventy men.

12 April 1948 the Commanding General of the United States Eighth Army authorized the temporary naming of the 720th Military Police Battalion installation as “CAMP BURNESS.” The Camp would remain named in honor of Sergeant Burness of BRAVO Company until 1953.

On the 2nd of May 1952, the crest of the 720th Military Police Battalion was created. The Battalion, and its line units continued providing L&O for the Tokyo area well into 1954.

On 10 October 1954 a strike and unrest emerged within the ranks of the U.S. Garrison workers {Japanese locals) at Camp Drake in Tokyo Once again, Bravo Company (410th MP Co) was called upon to assist in reestablishing order to the city.

On 21 February 1955 the mission for BRAVO Company (410th MP Company) was complete and the 720th Military Police Battalion moved from Japan to Fort Hood, Texas. Upon arrival to Fort Hood, the Battalion and its companies assumed the L&O mission, field exercise support (TCP convoy support) in addition to providing sentry support and VIP escorts. In May of 1957, the company in support of Alpha (401st) deployed to Lampassas, Texas, to assist residents of that community who fell victim to severe flash floods.

The history of the BRAVO Company (410th Military Police Company) remains constant but documentation after this point is poor until August of 1961, when BRAVO deployed to Fort Lewis, Washington to support exercise SEA WALL. In July 1962, the entire 720th Military Police Battalion deployed to Fort Jackson, South Carolina to support a joint exercise called “Swift Strike II.” BRAVO Company guarded the Command Post of the 2nd Logistical Support Group, conducted MSR Security and Enforcement TCP Operations, Convoy Security Operations, and what we would call screening operations of the opposition forces from the 101st Airborne Division. In addition, they conducted L&O in the town of Sunter, S.C., and Shaw Air Force Base.

It was due to racial unrest that Bravo Company (410th MP Co) was deployed to Oxford, Mississippi to help local authorities calm that unrest. The company left on 20 October 1962, returning to Fort Hood on 18 & 19 January 1963, only to re-deploy to Oxford on 16 May 1963, and not return to Fort Hood until 9 July 1963.

During this last deployment BRAVO also deployed a platoon of soldiers to Thailand in support of exercise Tidal Wave. This was an exercise in support of the SEATO maneuvers. Again, shortly after returning from Oxford, six soldiers were tasked with supporting Swift Strike III at Fort Gordon, Georgia.

In late August, early September 1964, two platoons of BRAVO (410th) were taken off of the STRAC alert and resumed normal duties. Records do not indicate the exact reason these platoons were on alert, however it may have been due to the buildup in Vietnam.

Bravo Company (410th MP Co) along with the 720th Military Police Battalion deployed to Vietnam in October of 1966 and remained there until their return to Fort Hood in September 1972. One brief historical document indicates the 410th Military Police Company may have been flagged as the 1401 Military Police Company “Aviation” during a portion of their deployment to Vietnam. But the majority of records indicate the 410th Military Police Company was flagged as BRAVO COMPANY from its activation in 1942 until it was re-flagged as the 410th Military Police Company, 720th Military Police Battalion in 1972.

Throughout the 1970s and 80s the historical journals of the 410th Military Police Company are vague, and for the most part nonexistent. However, in 1988, the Company deployed to the Federal Republic of Germany to participate in REFORGER ’88, deployed to Panama from Aug-Dec 88 as a part of the Joint Task Force there. From Apr-May 89 moved to the NTC to support the Third Armored Cavalry Regiment and winning the NTC award for tactical excellence, and deployed from Sept-Nov 89 to the U.S. Virgin Islands in support of Operation Hawkeye, receiving national recognition for confiscating over 30 million dollars of cocaine.

The company unfortunately did not keep any better records of its history in the 90’s. In 1990 the 410th Military Police Company deployed to Panama in support of Operation Promote Liberty. In April-July 1991, the 410th again returned to Panama, and is credited with deployment to Kuwait in 1992 in support of Operation Intrinsic Action. The 410th Military Police Company deployed in October 1993 – February 1994 to Honduras in support of Joint Task Force “BRAVO.” The Battalion deployed with two companies to Cuba for Operation Sea Signal in the fall and winter of 1994-1995, leaving the 410th MP Company to pull the Law Enforcement mission at Fort Hood.

Without getting the full 18-month re-deployment/retraining period, the company deployed to Cuba in January 1995 – June 1995 in support of Operation Sea Signal. There is anecdotal evidence to support that the unit received the Coast Guard Meritorious Unit Citation, and the soldiers received the Coast Guard Special Operations Service Ribbon. Following its re-deployment, the 410th remained at Fort Hood during the 720th MP Battalion’s deployment with the 64th and 411th MP Companies to Bosnia-Herzegovina for Operation Joint Endeavor/Joint Forge in support of the Implementation Force (IFOR) and Stabilization Force (SFOR) from 19 April 1996 to 19 April 1997. The company received orders to deploy to Bosnia-Herzegovina in support of Operation Joint Forge (SFOR6) in the spring of 1998. They attended the Mission Rehearsal Exercise (MRE) in July-August of 1998 at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) at Fort Polk, LA. The company deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina with 1st Brigade, 1st Calvary Division from September 1998- March 1999. The company picked up the call sign of VIPER because the 1CD already had a unit with the BRAVO call sign. The company symbol was also updated to add a viper to the crest and reflect this chapter in the unit’s history.

The company participated in Operation Road Runner 2000, a III Corps Command Post Exercise and River Crossing in December of 1999, which was evidently the first river crossing exercise for a Corps and two Division Headquarters since 1946. In March 2000, the company attached a platoon to the 401st MP Company in support of the Office of the Special Counsel’s Forward Looking Infrared RADAR (FLIR) Test for the Re-Enactment of the Waco, Texas FBI raid. In October of 2000 company participated in Operation Lifeline, a seventeen day COSCOM deployment exercise spread out from Fort Hood to San Antonio and the ports of Corpus Christi, Beaumont, and Galveston, TX. Immediately following this, the unit participated in Operation Road Runner 2001, stretching from the other side of Fort Hood up to Brownwood, TX.

The unit participated in Operation Phantom Destroyer 2001, a III Corps War Fighter exercise at Fort Hood. During this exercise 1st platoon provided fixed site security for the III Corps TOC, while 2nd platoon provided fixed site security for the III Corps TAC. The company commander and the operations section ran the Battle Simulation Center for the 720th Military Police Battalion.

The company participated in Operation Phantom Castle 2001, a rehearsal for the security of Fort Hood in the event of a national emergency. This operation was performed in order to validate the overall security plan for Fort Hood. Eight major ACPs and nine MEVAS on Fort Hood were secured by 2nd and 3rd platoons. Unbeknown to all, this exercise would prove to be beneficial with the 11 September 2001 attacks occurring only months later.

From September to November 2001 the company participated in Operation Bright Star 01/02 in Egypt. 1st platoon provided force protection at the Mobarik Military Camp. 2nd Platoon performed customs at the Agami Base Camp. 4th Platoon performed port security and customs at the Agami Base Camp, while 3rd platoon was tasked with providing PSD for all General Officers during the operation.

In November 2003 the 410th Military Police Company (Bravo Spirit) was deployed once again to Qatar in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. 1st Platoon was assigned to provide PSD for CFLCC in Kuwait. All of the remaining platoons and headquarters performed various missions at Camp As Salayah, Qatar to include: force protection, port security, customs, convoy escorts, security at CENTCOM FWD CP, and PSD for CENTCOM General Officers. Upon the start of the ground war in Iraq in March 2003, 2nd platoon was attached to the 220th Military Police Company and moved forward to CSC Scania, Iraq were they conducted MMSO. In March 2003 CFLCC jumped to Baghdad, Iraq and 1st platoon went with them and continue to provide PSD support. The Company returned back to Fort Hood in July 2003 after an eight month deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom I.

Even after returning home the company continued to perform crucial missions. 2nd and 3rd platoons conducted Air Force One security for the President of the United States in August and November 2003.

In April 2004 the 410th Military Police Company “Bravo Spirit” was the first Company in the 720th Military Police Battalion to conduct a convoy live fire exercise in preparation for their upcoming deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II.

On 3 April 2003, 169 soldiers of the 410th Military Police Company (Bravo Spirit) deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II while assigned to the 720th Military Police Battalion. Upon arrival into the theater, the company conducted a transfer of authority with the 1165th and 2175th Military Police Companies and immediately began operations within the AOR. The initial configuration of the company was all of the platoons located at Camp Falcon with two ASV teams tasked out to provide Marine support in the city of Fallujah. At Camp Falcon, the company was assigned to the 231st Military Police Battalion. One Platoon from the 410th Military Police Company (Bravo Spirit) was chosen to be the PSD for the Battalion Commander. The missions which the unit fell in on were diverse and challenging: check point operations. PSD for the Battalion Commander, Iraqi Police Station Operations, cordon and searches, ASV/CROWS training, 31st CSH detainee ward security, FOB tower security, FOB area security, HVD security escort and various convoy escorts. While assigned to the 231st Military Police Battalion, the company trained, assessed, and mentored numerous Iraqi Police Stations in Baghdad to include: Al Daura, Al Bilat, Al Khadra, Al Mammon, Al Ghazalia, Abu Ghraib, Al Yarmuk, the Organized Crime Unit, and the Major Crime Unit Detention Facility, as well as the security at a high value detainee detention facility.

On short notice the company provided LZ security, QRF, inner and outer perimeter security, escort security, and TCPs for HVD #1’s historic preliminary hearing along with eleven other HVDs. In June 2004 the 410th Military Police Company (Bravo Spirit) qualified the first female CROWS gunner in theater. This CROWS team was also chosen to assist the 759th Military Police Battalion in the infamous battle over Sadr City, the most hostile slum in Baghdad,Iraq. In March 2005 the company returns to Fort Hood, Texas after an 11 month deployment to Iraq.

The history continues�


From the very beginning, soldiers have fought the battles by marching or riding into battle on horseback or in armor-plated vehicles. The Military Police have proven a decisive factor on the battlefield. The 89th Military Police Brigade motto of “Proven in Battle” alludes to the fact that tested under fire the Military Police have proven their worth in modern warfare.

In the early years of Military history in the United States, mention of Military Police, as we know them is rare. However, our early ancestors known as Dragoons and the mention of Provosts are prevalent. Probably the most famous of all soldiers are those called the U.S. Cavalry. History mentions how they rode the frontier in early American history rescuing stranded civilians and isolated Army Posts from enemy destruction. The Military Police have proven to be the “Frontier Police” of modern day. The Military Police not only play a major role in everyday life within the garrison, but they have proven their worth as the rear area Cavalry on the field of battle.

The 410th Military Police Company has played a significant role in the fifty-two year history of the Military Police Corps, participating in over forty years of that colorful history. To be a proud unit full of esprit-de-corps, high morale, and proficiency, all soldiers must look back on the history of their unit, and draw strength from their accomplishments of the past present, and the future.

Officers, Noncommissioned Officers, and soldiers of the 410th Military Police Company this is your unit. With our immense schedules it is easy to forget that history is created each day and you are a part of that history. You are the continuation of this unit and play a significant role in its continued establishment. Take pride in the achievements of our company. Honor and uphold its customs and traditions. If unused or ignored they’ll be lost forever. As the heirs to this legacy it is your duty and responsibility to preserve the magnificent record of the 410th Military Police Company. You owe it to those who have filled our ranks before you. STRENGTH THROUGH ORDER!


The certificate attesting to a unit’s lineage and honors is one of the most important documents relating to the history of a unit. This certificate along with the historical annuals preserved by the unit, are in essence, the birth certificate of the unit and for all the soldiers who have had their names listed on the rolls of the unit. Certificates are issued by the Army’s Center of Military History.

The 410th Military Police Company received credit for participating in four campaigns, and it is possible they participated in additional campaigns in the Vietnam War. The soldiers of the 410th Military Police Company are authorized to wear the Meritorious Unit Citation for participation in W.W.II on Papua. In addition, the unit is authorized those awards worn by all personnel of the 720th Military Police Battalion. The unit participated and was awarded the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation, although those only wear it in the unit when it was awarded.




Joint Meritorious Unit Award (JMUA) (Operation Sea Signal – UNVERIFIED – POC – SSG Bechtal)
Coast Guard Meritorious Unit Citation (Operation Sea Signal – UNVERIFIED – POC – SSG Bechtal)
Meritorious Unit Citation (MUC)
Philippine Presidential Unit Citation (PPUC)

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