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10th Military Police Company

Created by: Team Quinstreet
Posted : Thursday October 20, 2005

10th Military Police Company History

The 10th Military Police Company was constituted August 27, 1942 in the Army of the United States as Military Police Platoon, Mountain Training Center.

Activated September 14, 1942 at Camp Carson, Colorado.

Re-designated June 18, 1948 as the 10th Military Police Company and assigned to the 10th Infantry Division.

Allotted June 25, 1948 to the Regular Army

Activated July 1, 1948 at Fort Riley,Kansas.

Deactivated July 1, 1957 in Germany and relieved from assignment to the 10th Infantry Division (later designated as the 10th Mountain Division).

Assigned February 1, 1985 to the 10th Mountain Division and activated at Fort Drum, New York


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