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1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (LI)

The 10th Mountain Division has a proud history in which the First Brigade has played a key role.

The 10th Mountain Division has a proud history in which the First Brigade has played a key role. 1st Bde was activated April 11, 1986 at Fort Drum, New York. The 1st Brigade is the Command and Control Headquarters for Task Force Warrior, consisting of its organic battalions 1-32nd Infantry, 1-87th Infantry, and 2-22nd Infantry. The principal units that have been assigned to TF Warrior during Division Ready Brigade missions, off post deployments, and major exercises have been the 3-6th Field Artillery, 10th Forward Support Battalion, A/3-62nd Air Defense Artillery, A/41st Engineer, A/110th Military Intelligence, A/10th Signal Battalion, and 1st PLT/10th Military Police Battalion. Task Force units from the brigade have deployed in exercises both overseas and throughout the country to include Honduras, Panama, the National Training Center (Fort Irwin, CA), the Joint Readiness Training Center (Fort Polk, LA, REFORGER 88 and 90. The brigade also participated in DESERT STORM
and routinely sends a battalion to the Multinational Force and Observers mission in the Sinai.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew in December 1992, TF Warrior deployed to southern Florida where it conducted disaster relief operations. Shortly following its return to Fort Drum, the Task Force deployed to Somalia, Africa where it participated in humanitarian relief and combat operations in support of Operations Restore Hope and Continue Hope. The brigade led the Division into Operation Uphold Democracy, air assaulting from the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower into Port-Au-Prince, Haiti in order to participate in peacekeeping operations from September 1994 to January 1995. The brigade has supported operations in the Balkans since October 1997 and will continue to do so through 2002 with varying missions.

In January of 2000, the brigade began its participation in the Army’s Joint Contingency Force Advanced Warfighting Experiment. This ten month period from January-October 2000 culminated in a Joint Readiness Center Rotation where Task Force Warrior tested numerous “digital” concepts and items of equipment to help pave the way into the future for the Light Infantry.

In the wake of the devastating September 11th attacks, 1stBrigade found itself answering the nation’s call by deploying world-wide — fighting terrorism in Osama Bin Laden’s backyard, keeping peace in the Balkans, and providing support to deployed soldiers’ families back at Fort Drum. When all was said and done, 1stBrigade was the most widely deployed Infantry Brigade in the United States Army. From the summer of 2001 through the spring of 2002, the Warrior Brigade had personnel deployed in support of military operations in six different countries — Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the United States.

2-22 IN deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina in support of OPERATION JOINT GUARD. They served with pride and distinction, assisting Task Force Eagle in the monitoring the former warring factions and ensuring compliance with the Dayton Peace Accord.

1-32 IN along with 1stBde Headquarters deployed to Kosovo in support of OPERATION JOINT GUARDIAN. There they formed the backbone of Task Force Falcon, the US-led Task Force operating in Kosovo and FYROM.

1-87 IN deployed to Uzbekistan and Afghanistan in support of OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM. Early on in their deployment they provided base camp and airfield security and quick-reaction forces, before fighting and destroying Taliban and Al’Qaeda fighters during Operation Anaconda.

Through selfless service to the nation, these proud soldiers of 1stBrigade brought great credit upon the 10thMountain Division (Light Infantry) , the United States Army, and all citizens of America.

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