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Skill Levels 2-4

» 805C-PAD-2461 (SL2) – Maintain Accountability of Personnel (Status Report)
Standards: Status report accounted for all assigned/attached personnel.

» 071-430-0028 (SL3) – Consolidate a Unit
Standards: Consolidated the unit (squad or platoon) in the defense following enemy contact.

» 331-202-1050 (SL2) – Enforce Compliance with the Code of Conduct
Standards: Demonstrated knowledge of the six articles of the Code of Conduct by establishing and sustaining a chain of command, good discipline, and a means of communications. Provided positive moral, ethical leadership and direction on how to survive, evade, resist, and escape in accordance with the guidelines established in the Code of Conduct.

» 805C-PAD-2407 (SL2) – Recommend Disciplinary Action for a Soldier
Standards: Verified act occurred, determined if conduct was a violation, prepared and submitted recommendation.

» 191-379-5400 (SL4) – Form the Platoon into a Riot Control Formation
Standards: Issued the correct commands and made on-the-spot corrections to ensure that the platoon correctly executed and formed into one of the following three formations: 1. Platoon line, platoon line with one squad in general support, platoon line with one squad in lateral support, and platoon line with one squad in close support. 2. Platoon echelon, right (or left); platoon echelon, right (or left) with one squad in general support; platoon echelon, right (or left) with one squad in lateral support; and platoon echelon, right (or left) with one squad in close support. 3. Platoon wedge, platoon wedge with one squad in general support, platoon wedge with one squad in lateral support, and platoon wedge with one squad in close support. Reassembled the platoon from a riot control formation.

» 805C-PAD-3594 (SL3) – Store Classified Information and Materials
Standards: Classified information and materials were placed in appropriate storage containers.

» 551-721-4326 (SL4) – Perform Duties as Convoy Commander
Standards: Ensured that personnel were briefed on convoy operations; there were ample vehicles and personnel to transport cargo; all support elements were informed of the date and time of the convoy; all orders were brief and to the point; proper reconnaissance was carried out; and vehicles were correctly lined up according to cargo, size, and use.

» 052-192-4053 (SL3) – Supervise Minefield Breaching Operations
Standards: Supervised minefield breaching operations. Created a safe lane through the minefield so the maneuver force could maintain its momentum without causing mine casualties to personnel and equipment.

» 805C-PAD-4550 (SL4) – Prepare a Standing Operating Procedure (SOP)
Standards: SOP identified purpose, distribution, and references, and was in proper format. SOP had proper security classification marks applied (if applicable) and was properly authenticated.

» 031-503-1023 (SL2) – Protect Yourself from Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Injury/Contamination When Changing Mission-Oriented Protective Posture Gear
Standards: Decontaminated individual gear and equipment without spreading contamination onto skin or undergarments. Set uncontaminated gear aside on an uncontaminated surface. Changed overgarments, overboots, and gloves without spreading contamination to the uncontaminated set of MOPP gear. Changed MOPP gear without yourself or your buddy becoming a casualty.

» 181-105-2001 (SL2) – Enforce the Law of War and the Geneva and Hague Conventions
Standards: Identified, understood, and complied with the Law of War. Identified problems or situations that violated the policies and took appropriate action, including notifying appropriate authorities, so expedient action could be taken to correct the problem or situation.

» 191-378-4302 (SL3) – Form Squad-Size Riot Control Formations
Standards: Selected the best formation to control or disperse the crowd. Correctly formed the squad into the formation selected. Reassembled the squad from the formation after the crowd had been controlled or dispersed.

» 301-371-1200 (SL2) – Process Captured Materiel
Standards: Secured captured enemy materiel. Prepared a spot report on captured enemy materiel known or believed to be of intelligence value. Filled out and attached tag to the item of captured enemy materiel. Selected correct disposition procedure for each item of captured enemy materiel.

» 805C-PAD-2060 (SL2) – Report Casualties
Standards: Recorded all known data elements accurately and legibly on DA Form 1156 and DA Form 1155, without error.

» 071-332-5021 (SL3) – Prepare a Situation Map
Standards: Included the following elements on the situation map: 1. Military symbols (must be in accordance with FM 101-5-1). 2. Enemy situation (must be depicted in red or with double lines). 3. Control measures. 4. Location of the command post and/or command group. 5. Location of all maneuver elements. 6. Location of reserves.

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