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Warrior Transition Course Graduation Criteria

Graduation Criteria and Examination Make-Up / Retest


a. The following criteria must be met by all WTC students in order to graduate:

(1) Demonstrate understanding of and willingness to live by the Army’s seven core values and the warrior ethos.

(2) Pass the APFT with a minimum score of 150 (50 points in each event) if attending a follow-on AIT; 180 (60 points in each event) if departing to a unit.

(3) Qualify on the M16A2 with a minimum score of 23/40

(4) Throw two live hand grenades

(5) Negotiate the hand grenade qualification Course

(6) Complete First Aid Refresher training

(7) Complete an 5km tactical foot march with a 30lbs rucksack in formation

(8) Complete bayonet training

(9) Complete pugil training

(10) Complete hand-to-hand combat training

(11) Complete NBC Refresher training

(12) Demonstrate proficiency in day Land Navigation

(13) Successfully participate in the Field Training Exercise

b. The company commander has the discretion to grant “constructive credit” to students who make up missed events in such a manner as they are considered by the commander to be trained in that event. Such requests for constructive credit should be forwarded through the student’s chain of command to the company commander for approval.

c. The battalion commander has the discretion to waive individual graduation requirements if circumstances beyond the soldier’s control preclude completion of the event. This policy is intended only to grant a waiver in extreme circumstances. Every effort must be made by the training unit to retrain soldiers on missed graduation requirements. Any petition to waive an event must be forwarded through the company commander to the battalion commander.

d. If a soldier fails to pass an APFT at the required standard, he or she will not graduate, and will be given up to two weeks from the course graduation date to pass the APFT. If after two weeks, the soldier has still failed to pass the APFT, the soldier will be recycled into the next available WTC cycle as a restart.

e. If a WTC student with orders to report directly to a unit is found to be outside of the Army height and weight standards the soldier will be counseled and flagged prior to shipping.

f. All ARNG and USAR soldiers must be counseled by the RC Liaison NCO once it is identified they have failed any graduation requirements.


a. If individual students fail to complete graduation requirements, four options are available to remedy the situation and the authority rests with the Battalion Commander:

(1) WTC Cadre conduct retraining and personally certify that the individual Soldier has successfully met the requirement.

(2) Individual students may be scheduled by cadre to complete training with another unit (often the case with ranges) in order to meet the requirements.

(3) Individual may be restarted in the next WTC course offered on Fort Knox, in which case, they will repeat the entire course instruction prior to graduation.

(4) The appropriate level commander may be petitioned to grant constructive credit and/or a waiver to allow for graduation without successful completion of an event based on extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

b. Ensure any ARNG or USAR soldier is counseled by the RC Liaison NCO once it is identified that he has failed any graduation requirement.

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