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BCT Day 65/AIT Day 1

0048 hours. We are sitting with all our bags packed. We leave in three hours. It is great to be leaving basic training.

The following information is a portion of “Marck’s Boot Camp Diary”. The information contains a straight-forward look at Basic Training Life on a daily basis. The information contained within this page is used with the express written permission of the author. For more information about the author view the “Author’s Information” at the bottom of the page. Some choice phrases have been censored.

September 27th, 2002

0048 hours. We are sitting with all our bags packed. We leave in three hours. It is great to be leaving basic training.

Sorry I haven’t had time to write. Believe me when I say I missed it. I was with my family though. I couldn’t afford to write.

On family day we had an eight hour pass on post. We had to be back at 2100. It was enough time to eat like a pig. I ate pizza, ice cream, lasagna, a burger, fries, soda, and a lot of chocolate. I regretted it the next morning. No further explanation needed. I couldn’t even eat breakfast.

I went to the PX. I didn’t buy anything because we’re only allowed to take two bags to AIT. Damn. I could’ve bought a bigger bag. Duh.

The day went by quick. Oh. My grandmother came all the way from Chile to see me. She got me a golden David star key chain. I asked my mom to keep it and forgot to get it back. D’oh! I’ll make sure I get it mailed to me.

The main event was about 16 hours ago. I graduated. It was raining, so the ceremony was held in a gym that expelled an odor of sweat and rubber. The ceremony was short and I liked that. 30 minutes and it was done. I choked up about two times during the ceremony. Damn. What is that? Six times now?

We got our pass nice and early. I was with my family for about twelve hours. We had to be back at 2300.

I had a great time. I took everybody out to a Chinese buffet. Man, it was great. If you come to Fort Knox, go to China Gold Buffet on graduation day. It’s in Radcliff, KY.

We spent the rest of the day in the hotel. I played video games, ordered pizza, watched a movie, took a nap, spent quality time with my girl, talked to everybody, kicked everybody out of the room to be alone with my girl:-) , swam in the hotel pool, dipped in the jacuzzi. Man, I just chilled out. It was great. I couldn’t have asked for a better graduation day.

Now I’m overwhelmed by mixed feelings of uncertainty because I don’t know what to expect in AIT, but also pride for what I have done, and excitement because I’m getting the **** up out of here.

At least I read a lot about BCT. I knew what to expect. There’s a lot of reading material about it on the net and a couple of books. There are not enough books. Maybe I’ll write the next one. Would any of you all buy it?

I noticed that there’s little info about AIT. That’s why I have such a feeling of uncertainty. I don’t like surprises. I like to know straight up what’s happening. That’s why I’ve decided to keep up my diary while in AIT. As for now, I’ve been awake for almost 24 hours. I’m going to relax and listen to my CDs. Probably fall asleep, too.

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