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BCT Day 32

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. The sky is getting dark. When I wake up tomorrow, there will be just 3 Sundays left.

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August 25th, 2002

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. The sky is getting dark. When I wake up tomorrow, there will be just 3 Sundays left.

I ate breakfast(two pancakes, PB & J sandwich, milk, and a pear). Then I went to the Jewish service. The rabbi instantly liked me because his brother is opening a synagogue in Alexandria, VA. He put a thing on my left arm and under my yarmulka with leather straps which holds the sacred scrolls. Then we said a prayer. Later at lunch, they had roast pork and I did not eat it. It’s the rabbi’s last day, so he brought a ton more food than usual. After saying some prayers, we pigged out. I never ate so many chocolate graham crackers, fig bars, gummy fruit slices with sugar and grape juice that tasted strangely like wine in my life. Yeah, I was on a sugar rush. I also remembered my grandmother, who died about a year ago.

We didn’t get a haircut today. Gasp! That’s $4.75 more in my pocket. That quickly went away, since I had to pay the remaining $50 for laundry service.

Our D.S. took us to the gym. We got to play basketball for like an hour. Doing that might not seem like such a big deal, but it is. That privilege is a luxury in basic training. No other platoons got to use it. I don’t even like b-ball, mainly because you could make the basket bright neon and the size of a bathtub and I’d still suck like a newborn kitten on his mom’s milk. But I played, sucked, and was happy to be there. I gotta get my boots shined, like I’ve been meaning to for an hour.

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