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Financial Management Technician (44C)

Administrative Support Army MOS Information
  • Enlisted
  • Active Duty
  • Army Reserve

Finance Specialists are central to the organization and tracking of Army financial records.

The Finance Specialist performs duties such as:

  • Computing payroll and other allowances
  • Auditing accounting records
  • Preparing payments for Army personnel
  • Recording details of financial transactions on accounting forms
  • Auditing financial records
  • Disbursing cash, checks, advance pay and bonds
  • Organizing information on past expenses to help plan budgets for future expenses


Job training for a Finance Specialist consists of nine weeks of Basic Training, where you’ll learn basic Soldiering skills, and seven weeks of Advanced Individual training with classroom instruction, including practice in accounting techniques. You’ll learn:

  • Accounting principles and procedures
  • Preparation and maintenance of financial reports and budgets
  • Statistical analyses in order to help you interpret financial data
  • Computation of pay and deductions

Helpful Skills:

Helpful attributes include:

  • Interest in mathematics, statistics, bookkeeping and accounting may be helpful
  • Ability to work with numbers
  • Interest in operating office machines such as computers
  • Interest in work that requires accuracy

Advanced Responsibilities:

Advanced level Finance Specialists perform the same tasks as other Finance Specialists, but are also responsible for managing Soldiers in other duties.

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