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Soldiers' Welfare

Suggested U.S. Army NCO leaders book item covering the Soldiers’ Welfare

Click here to download the Soldiers’ Welfare Leaders Book Item.

Soldiers’ Welfare

THESE Provisions must be established for soldiers!

  • Meals

  • Tactically feed at all meals, 5 meters between soldiers

  • Mail operations–set aside an area where paper, pens, and light are available

  • Stay out of open areas

  • Proper field sanitation

  • Hand washing capability for chow line and at latrines location

  • Garbage disposed of quickly and properly

  • No eating or sleeping in work areas (Vans)

  • Limited “Poggie” bait in field location

  • Soldiers’ pay-S1 must make arrangements for LESs pickup and leaders must screen

  • Laundry and bath–personal hygiene must remain a high standard (soldiers will be clean and shaved no later than 1200 hours daily)

  • Heat and cold weather injuries must be prevented through briefings and First line leaders checking (identified with white engineer tape)

  • Personnel properly licensed to operate equipment

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