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Boresight the laser-aiming device

Station R – BORELIGHT – Point R-3

TASK: Boresight the laser-aiming device.

TEST CONDITIONS: Given a 10-meter flat surface, an NVD, a borelight with accessories, and an unzeroed laser-aiming device with the proper 10-meter target offset.

TEST STANDARDS: During daylight, boresight the laser-aiming device using the proper 10-meter target offset so that the laser and the borelight are aligned in their proper designated points within 2 minutes.

SOLDIER’S MANUAL CROSSWALK: This task parallels the borelight TSP, Operate the Borelight, Qualify with the AN/PAQ-4B/C, and Qualify with the AN/PEQ-2a, task number 071-008-0011.

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED FOR POINT: Borelight complete, AN/PAQ-4B/C and AN/PEQ-2a, AA batteries, 10-meter target offsets for the AN/PAQ-4B/C and AN/PEQ-2a (mounted top, right, and left with both Picatinny and insight rail grabbers), night vision device, tape (to tape target offset to a flat surface), rucksacks or a device to stabilize the weapon (shadow box, not a field table), and FB Form 20-39.3-R.

SITE SETUP: The test site will provide all equipment as stated above. Have the candidate perform the task in an outdoor environment that will allow for the laser-aiming devices to be seen with the NVDs. The borelight and the laser-aiming device will be provided to the candidate in the carrying case.

INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES: Say to the candidates–

“Let me have your attention. At this point you must boresight your laser to the borelight. You will–

1. Ensure weapon is stabilized.

2. Select the proper 10-meter target offset for your weapon configuration.

3. Attach the 10-meter target offset to the flat surface provided.

4. Using the NVDs provided, give the proper adjustments to adjust the laser-aiming device to its designated point on the 10-meter target offset.

“Do you understand what you must do”?

If anyone asks questions, repeat the instructions but do not elaborate on what you have read.

Pause five seconds and then say–


Allow the candidate to proceed for two minutes and then say–


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