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Prepare an ASIP radio for operation

Station E – COMMUNICATIONS (ASIP) – Point E-3

TASK: Prepare an ASIP radio for operation.

TEST CONDITIONS: Given an AN/PRC 119F, and a requirement to prepare the radio for operation.

TEST STANDARDS: Load the ASIP radio with the required single-channel frequency within three minutes IAW TM 11-5820-890-10 8.

1. Install battery(ies) correctly.

2. Install antenna and handset on proper connectors.

a. Connect handset to AUD/DATA connector.

3. Select RT preparation settings from MENU.

a. Turn radio On.

b. Set FCTN to Z-FH.

c. Set FCTN to test.

d. Set FCTN knob to LD.

e. Set volume.

f. Set channel-1.

g. Set power.

h. Set mode-SC.

i. Set Comsec-PT.

4. Preset correct channel frequency.

a. Press Frequency button.

b. Press Clear button.

c. Set frequency 35000.

d. Press Stow button.

5. Perform shutdown procedures.

a. Turn function knob to Z-FH, then to off.

b. Remove antenna.

c. Remove handset.

d. Remove battery.

6. Complete the task within three minutes.

TECHNICAL MANUAL CROSSWALK: This task is the same as that in TM 11 5820 890 10 8, page 4-5.

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED FOR POINT: AN/PRC-119F radio, stopwatch, clipboard battery, antenna, handset HRCRD, two field tables, a pencil and a ballpoint pen, and FB Form 20 18.3-R.

SITE SETUP: Place the AN/PRC 119F radio, stopwatch, clipboard, battery, antenna, and handset HRCRD on two field tables with a pencil and a ballpoint pen.

INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES: Say to the candidates–

“Let me have your attention. At this point, you must do the following:

1. Set the operator’s switches and controls in proper positions.

2. Set channel frequencies properly.

3. Perform shutdown procedures.

4. The radio set must be operational within three minutes.

5. Perform this task within three minutes without injuring yourself or damaging the equipment.

“Do you understand what you must do?”

If anyone has questions, repeat the instructions but do not elaborate on what you have read.

NOTE: Do not penalize the candidate for equipment failure.

Then say–


Allow the candidate to proceed for three minutes and say–


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