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Perform 12-mile tactical foot march


TASK: Perform 12-mile tactical foot march.

TEST CONDITIONS: Given the following equipment to carry at a minimum. Units may add to this load IAW unit SOP but may not delete any of the items listed:

  • Pistol belt with suspenders.
  • Ammunition pouches (2) with M16 magazines (6).
  • Canteens with water (2), canteen covers (2).
  • Canteen cup (1).
  • First-aid packet and case.
  • Poncho.
  • Kevlar helmet or steel helmet.
  • Bayonet and scabbard.
  • Protective mask and carrier.
  • M16 series rifle or an M4 carbine, with sling and magazine inserted.
  • Rucksack with load weighing a minimum of 35 pounds.
  • NOTE: Based on unit issue, this could be a medium or large rucksack.

    TEST STANDARDS: Complete the 12-mile tactical foot march within three hours.

    REFERENCE: FM 21-18.

    EQUIPMENT REQUIRED FOR POINT: Stopwatch, clipboard, pen, and FB Form 20-10-R.

    SITE SETUP: Measure a 12-mile course for the foot march. Choose relatively level terrain for the course; the start point and the finish point should be at the same location. Clearly mark the route of the foot march.

    NOTE: The EIB board establishes standards for participation in a road march. For example, spectators must be in the candidate’s chain of command and must wear the same uniform as the candidate, minus a weapon. EIB board will determine if the individual protective mask is worn or stored in the rucksack.

    INSTRUCTIONS TO THE CANDIDATES: Say to the candidates–

    “Let me have your attention. At this point, you must complete a 12-mile tactical foot march in three hours. You must wear all equipment properly, you must have Kevlar helmet on your head, and you must carry your M16 rifle at the ready position. This means that the rifle must be ready for use against the enemy (high port, port, carrying handle, cradled in arms, sling arms, or inverted sling arms).

    Discuss appropriate safety precautions and candidates’ responsibilities for helping injured candidates. Then say–

    “What are your questions?”

    If anyone has questions, repeat the instructions but do not elaborate on what you have read.

    Pause five seconds and then say–


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