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Present Arms from Sling Arms


1. First and Second Squads, FALL OUT, U-Formation, FALL IN. AT EASE. The next movement, which I will name, explain, have demonstrated, and you which will conduct practical work on, is the salute while at sling arms.

2. The salute at sling arms is used when reporting and to render courtesy and respect to officers, the flag, and the nation.

3. The commands for this movement are Present, ARMS and Order ARMS.

4. Present, ARMS and Order, ARMS are two-part commands, Present and Order are the preparatory commands, and ARMS is the command of execution.

5. When given, these commands are as follows: Present, ARMS. Order, ARMS.


6. Demonstrator, POST. Sling, ARMS. I will use the talk-through method of instruction.

7. On the command of execution ARMS of Present, ARMS, reach across the body with the left hand and grasp the sling just above the right hand. Release the right hand and execute the hand salute as previously described.

8. To terminate the hand salute, the command is Order, ARMS. On the command of execution ARMS of Order, ARMS, lower the right hand sharply to the side as in the position of attention and then regrasp the sling at the original position. After grasping the sling with the right hand, release the left hand and return it sharply to the left side as in the position of attention.

9. When rendering reports or courtesy to an individual, the same rules apply for the hand salute as explained in individual drill.

10. NOTE: Individuals performing duty in congested areas, which would require frequent salutes, should carry the rifle at sling arms.

11. At normal cadence, this movement would look as follows: Present, ARMS. Order, ARMS. AT EASE.

12. What are your questions pertaining to these movements when executed at normal cadence or using the talk-through method of instruction?

13. Demonstrator, ATTENTION. You will now become my assistant instructor. FALL OUT.


14. Platoon, ATTENTION. I will use the talk-through method of instruction.

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