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Aligning the Platoon in a Column Formation


1. Instructional Formation, MARCH. AT EASE. The next movement, which I will name, explain, have demonstrated, and which you will conduct practical work on, is aligning the platoon in a column formation.

2. This movement is used to align several elements along the same line, one behind the other.

3. The commands for this movement are COVER and RECOVER.

4. COVER and RECOVER are combined commands.

5. When given, these commands are as follows: COVER. RECOVER.


6. Demonstrators, POST. I will use the talk-through method of instruction.

7. On the command COVER, the fourth squad leader stands fast and serves as the base. The squad leaders with the exception of the left flank squad leader, raise their left arms laterally and turn their head and eyes to the right to verify their interval.

8. The members of the fourth squad raise their left arms horizontally to the front, as in squad drill and cover on the man to their front at correct distance. Squad members of the third, second and first squads raise their left arms horizontally to the front for uniformity only, cover on the man to their front, and, at the same time, galnce out of the corner of their right eye aligning on the man to their right.

9. To resume the position of attention, the command is RECOVER. On the command RECOVER, each man sharply returns to the position of attention.

10. NOTE: When the platoon is aligned in column as part of a larger unit but is not the lead platoon, the squad leaders do not raise their arms or turn their heads and eyes but cover on the squad to their front. The platoon leader must wait until the platoon leader of the platoon to his front has commanded REOVER before he faces about and gives the command COVER.

11. At normal cadence, this movement would look as follows: COVER. RECOVER. AT EASE.

12. What are your questions pertaining to this movement when executed at normal cadence or using the talk-through method of instruction?

13. Demonstrators, ATTENTION. You will now become my assistant instructors. FALL OUT.


14. FALL IN. Right, FACE. I will use the talk-through method of instruction.

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