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Public Affairs

Public Affairs Branch Insignia Information

Collar Insignia: A vertical broadsword set against a cross quill with pen and a lightning bolt.

Authorized on 26 October 1989 for wear by enlisted personnel assigned to the Public Affairs career management field (CMF 46). The quill identifies the functional area of public affairs and journalism. It crosses a lightning flash symbolizing speed and the transmittal or broadcasting of information. They are combined with a broadsword, underscoring the tactical value and impact that dissemination of information has in total military preparedness and in combat readiness. Officers assigned to public affairs continue to wear their basic branch insignia.

Plaque: The plaque design has the Public Affairs collar insignia, letters and rim in gold. The background is teal blue.

Regimental Insignia: There is no regimental insignia for Public Affairs. Personnel assigned to Public Affairs are affiliated based on their assigned branch.

Flag and Guidons: There are no battalion-size public affairs units. Accordingly, there are no flags for public affairs units. The public affairs collar insignia is used on the guidons for public affairs detachments.

Colors: Since the public affairs functions are multi-branch, teal blue (branch unassigned) is the color used on the plaque and guidons. Yellow is used as the secondary color for the insignia and numbers on guidons.

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