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Combat Medical Badge

Information about the Combat Medical Badge

I. DESCRIPTION: An oxidized silver badge 1 inch in height and 1 ½ inches in width, consisting of a stretcher crossed by a caduceus surmounted at top by a Greek cross, all on and over an elliptical oak wreath. Stars are added to indicate subsequent awards; one star at top for the second award, one star at top and one at bottom for the third award, one star at top and one at each side for the fourth award.

II. SYMBOLISM: The Medical Corps insignia of branch, modified by the addition of a Greek cross suggesting the Geneva Convention between the wings and the entwined serpents, signifies the recipient’s skills and expertise. It is superimposed upon a stretcher alluding to medical field service. The oak symbolizes steadfastness, strength and loyalty.

III. AWARD ELIGIBILITY: Awarded to members of the Army Medical Department, Naval Medical Department, Air Force Medical Service or Special Forces Medical Sergeant who are in the grade of Colonel or below while assigned or attached to a medical unit of company or smaller size organic to an infantry/special forces unit during any period the unit was engaged in active ground combat subsequent to 6 December 1941. Only one award is authorized for service in Vietnam, Laos, the Dominican Republic, Korea (subsequent to 4 January 1969), El Salvador, Grenada, Panama, Southwest Asia and Somalia, regardless of whether an individual has served in one or more of these areas. Specific eligibility requirements by geographic area are listed in Army Regulation 600-8-22.

IV. DATE APPROVED: The Combat Medical Badge was approved on 29 January 1945. In February 1951, the proposal to designate the badge as a one-time award was rescinded and it was approved for subsequent award during specified periods. The addition of stars to indicate subsequent awards was also approved.

V. SUBDUED BADGES: Subdued badges are authorized in metal and cloth. The metal badge is black. The cloth badge has an olive green base cloth with the stretcher, caduceus, cross, wreath and stars embroidered in black.

VI. MINIATURE BADGES: A dress miniature badge, 19/32 inch in height is authorized.

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