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What does AFAP stand for?
Army Family Action Plan
What Army Regulation covers the Army Family Action Plan?
AR 608-47
When was the AFAP program established?
The AFAP program was established in 1983 as a result of the Chief of Staff, Army (CSA),1983 White Paper, “The Army Family.”
The AFAP program creates an information loop between whom?
The Global Army Family and Leadership.  The AFAP provides a means for Army constituents to address and report issues of well-being concern to leadership at regular intervals.
The AFAP program's process of improvement begins where?
At the local level, where an annual symposium is held to examine issues of concern that delegates believe need to be fixed.
The Army family has been symbolized by the Secretary of the Army as an equilateral triangle. How is each side of the triangle expressed?
  • Base: "Family of Components" (Total Force)
  • Second Leg: "Family of Units"
  • Third Leg: "Family of People"
The philosophy toward the family, based on the Army Family White Paper, consists of three critical elements. What are they?
  1. Partnership
  2. Wellness
  3. Sense of community
What are some things that the AFAP does?
  • Gives commanders a gauge to validate concerns and measure satisfaction
  • Enhances Army's corporate image
  • Helps retain the best and brightest
  • Results in legislation, policies, programs and services that strengthen readiness and retention
  • Safeguards well-being
What types of programs are focused on in the "Family of Components"?
Programs relating to the Active Army, National Guard, Army Reserve and civilian employees
What type of programs are focused on in the "Family of Units"?
Programs relating to the unique relationship of soldiers to their units and unit ties to other components of the command, such as squad to its platoon or the platoon to its company (battery)
What is the basis for the Army theme, "The Army family"?
A joint announcement signed by the Secretary and the Chief of Staff of the Army. This announcement was based on the C/S white paper 1983
What types of programs are focused on in the Family of People?
Programs relating to all areas of concern to the service members and their families, including the military and civilian retiree