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BOSS - Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers

Who is the senior enlisted advisor to the BOSS council, and approves members selected to serve on BOSS committees?
The Installation Command Sergeant Major
According to AR 215-1, what does the BOSS program provide?
It provides opportunities for active duty soldiers, with an emphasis on single and unaccompanied soldiers, to participate in physical, self-development, leisure, and educational related services.
What type of program is BOSS?
BOSS is categorized as a category B Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) program.
How many officers are on the BOSS council?
Three: President, Vice-President, and Secretary and Treasurer
What is the lowest level unit that has a BOSS council representative?
The battery/company level
What are the 3 pillars of BOSS?
  1. Recreation and Leisure: Activities may be planned by the BOSS committee or by the BOSS committee working in conjunction with other MWR activities. Service members will assume a lead role in planning BOSS events. Events should be planned that meet the needs and desires of the single service member.
  2. Community Service: The BOSS committee may elect to participate in community programs or projects that make a difference in the lives of others, in the community, and ultimately, in themselves. The service will be voluntary in nature and in accordance with the installation volunteer program. The program can be implemented in support of existing or established volunteer programs or programs developed by the BOSS committee.
  3. Well Being: For single service members, Well being includes those things that single service members can directly or indirectly influence to enhance their morale, living environment, or personal growth and development. The well being issue identified or raised during the BOSS meetings will be directed to the appropriated command or staff agency for resolution on the installation.