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The primary goal of the Army's QOLP is to promote the development of military group commitment and cohesiveness, is essential to what?
Readiness (combat effectiveness).
What are some examples of the QOLP?
  • ACS / AER / ARC / EO
  • Postal services
  • PX  / commissary privileges
  • AFN radio and television
  • MWR, education services
  • Community sports programs
  • Recreational facilities
  • Banking services
  • Clubs
  • Gyms (physical fitness centers)
What does QOLP stand for?
Quality Of Life Program
The Army's Quality of Life program is dedicated to the precept that the Army's number one operational resource must be taken care of. What is this resource?
The soldier
Quality of Life needs and the programs and actions to address them, are categorized under two general headings. What are they?
  1. Living conditions
  2. Duty environment.