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Transitioning from the Army to a Career in Information Technology

Created by: Natalie Peeterse
Posted : Friday, January 26, 2007
Have you dreamed of a lucrative IT career once you leave the Army? Do you have any formal education or training in the field you hope to enter? If not, you don't have to wait on your technology education till you're ready to make the transition from the military to the civilian job market. Through the Army's TA program, you can begin to work towards a degree in information technology while you're still active duty.
Education--Preparing for the Civilian Job Market Before You Get There
Committing to a field of study is one of the best ways to start the transition from active Army to civilian job market. In order to make a smooth transition, think about the skills you gained in the Army and consider the life you would like to lead outside of the Army.

Information Technology (IT) is one of the most popular and fastest growing fields in the U.S. job market. Many soldiers have experience using high tech equipment in the Army, and this experience can easily translate to the civilian job market. However, you'll also need the proper credentials in order to make this transition, most importantly a college degree.

Army IT Experience Plus an Online Degree
The Army offers the Tuition Assistance (TA) program to help soldiers take university courses off-duty, and even earn a college degree in information technology to complement your Army experience. All Active Duty Soldiers are invited to participate in the TA program, and you don't have to pay back your education funding.

IT courses and degrees are accessible online, so that you can begin your efforts from anywhere in the world.  Courses from most universities include instruction in computer systems, networks and data, project management, and human-computer interaction, among others.

 Out of the Army and Into a Terrific IT Career
IT degree holders have a number of lucrative career options once they graduate.  You'll find opportunities in IT all over the country, so you can live and work wherever you want. With an online degree in information technology, you could work for a wide variety of companies--small or large.

 An IT graduate with two years of experience can work in Washington, DC, for example, developing custom applications for clients of all types for $60,000-$80,000 a year.  Since almost every employer requests applicants who are hard working and able to work both independently and in teams, former service members are a perfect fit.

Skills gained in the Army are easily transferred to a career in IT.  Through the TA program, and with the convenience of online course instruction, the next step is easily accessible.  Start working toward your degree today.

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