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MOS 46Q: Write for the Civilian World

Created by: Natalie Peeterse
Posted : Tuesday, September 11, 2007
If you were able to work as an MOS 46Q (journalist) in the Army, you are in luck. All of the skills that you learned as a journalist in the Army can be used in the civilian world. You also have a very unique set of experiences that makes you a great columnist, critic, or commentator on and about military issues in the civilian press . You are an insider who can speak to outsiders about the Army with a voice of authority.
46Qs Jive with Civilian Writers
Civilian journalists who specialize in writing columns, criticism, and commentary have many of the same skills and training you do. One difference is probably their field of expertise. In all other regards, they have the same skill set you do. They know how to complete thorough research on a topic before writing, they know how to write clearly and for a wide audience, and they know how to meet deadlines. Your knowledge of military-related issues is what sets you apart. You could land a position writing for any type of media about military-related issues and current events.

How to Make the Switch
Though your unique experience counts for a lot when applying to jobs with civilian presses, it is important to earn your degree in communication, English, or journalism before you apply. By taking online courses that lead to a bachelor's degree in one of these fields, now, you can be prepared for your future. You can be simultaneously earning promotion points that will be valuable in civilian life while you are still in the Army.

Programs Designed to Help You
As a soldier, you are eligible for educational benefits. You have access to tuition assistance programs while you are still in the service, and you can use your Montgomery GI Bill once you leave. You can earn your degree free; you just need to make the commitment. And remember, you can always write about it later!.

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